Spontaneous Broadway

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presented by the Mop & Bucket Co.
sponsor: Stewart’s Shops

July 1 – 3 at 7:30 pm
July 2 at 2:00 pm




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Amy Tierney, Michael Burns, and Peter Delocis

ATF takes its commitment to world premieres to the extreme with this special three night presentation. Improvisational fireworks will be in the air the week leading up to Independence Day as the Mop & Bucket Co. takes over the ATF stage and presents an improvised new musical every night.

Here is the set up: Broadway impresario, Mick Treadwell, is searching for his next hit musical. But he needs the ATF audience’s help. Audience members suggest the most ridiculous (or sincere) song title they can dream up and MopCo’s talented musical improv performers transform that imaginative title into a song. In Act II, the audience’s favorite song expands into a full-blown musical complete with music, singing, dancing, and dialogue. Every night is a completely different show.

Created by Kat Koppett in association with Freestyle Repertory Theatre in New York, Spontaneous Broadway is a virtuoso evening of musical improv.

Featured regularly at Proctors Theater, this talented company has set the standard for improvisation in the Capital District. The Times Union says, “Be assured they are laugh-until-you-cry funny”.

Susan Arbetter of WMHT TV states, “Have you ever watched a performance so brave that you wanted to shake the performer’s hand or kiss her cheek after the show? That’s how I felt.”


Learn a little bit about our 2014 illustrator, Reneé Leigh Stephenson.

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