It’s been 25 years since we’ve taken a summer off, but that doesn’t mean you need to.  Sit back and enjoy performances from some of your favorite actors, clips from your favorite ATF shows, concerts of hit ATF productions, short and feature films from our past film festivals, and even a few full performances from the ATF vault!  ATF is here for you, On Demand!

But watching the show is only part of the fun – we still want you to be able to relive the full theatre-going experience, and that means going out to a delicious local restaurant or shopping at a favorite local shop before seeing an ATF show.  So with every ATF On Demand subscription, we’re throwing in a gift card!


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Please consider donating the cost of a single ticket (approx. $50), the cost of a flex pass ($99-$155), a stretch gift beyond that amount, or simply whatever you can at this time.  Your donation will help us continue to support our artists and staff, handle the notable loss of income, and weather the storm so that we can be prepared to perform for you LIVE when it is safe to do so.  And it’s helping to drive business to our local economy at the same time!  #winwin


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The content available on ATF On Demand is made possible through the permission and generous support of our alumni playwrights and filmmakers.  In many cases, these shows or clips were never written or directed to be watched in this manner, so we appreciate their willingness to allow us to share them.  Much of our content, like recordings of mainstage productions, is unavailable for this format due to restrictions with the actors’ union (AEA).  Please note that, in most cases, we are restricted from sharing full productions.  What’s below is curated content that meets the limitations of what we have filmed and what we are permitted to share.  It will be available during the originally planned dates of our summer season: June 12-Aug. 7, 2020.

ATF On Demand

GLITCHES IN REALITY (FULL PERFORMANCE) – An incredible close-up magic act that features renowned Australian magician and winner of the World Championships of Magic that focuses on the truth behind illusion.

THINK AGAIN (FULL PERFORMANCE) – Renowned mentalist, Max Major, uses magic, psychology, hypnosis and suggestion to demonstrate the untapped powers of the mind.

NIKOLA TESLA DROPS THE BEAT (CONCERT VIDEO RECORDING) – An electronic pop musical about one of history’s greatest inventors, best described as HAMILTON meets TESLA.  This concert was filmed at Joe’s Pub prior to the ATF performance.

BEAU (CONCERT VIDEO) – Eight actor-musicians tell the story of Ace Baker, who spends the first decade of his life fatherless. At 12 years old, a phone call reveals that his grandfather, Beau, has been alive all his life…and his mother knew. This concert was filmed at Joe’s Pub after the ATF performance and features the full ATF cast along with Broadway celebrities.

EASTBOUND (CONCERT VIDEO) – When Calvin, a twenty-something Chinese-American adoptee, is given six months to live, he decides to make good on his lifelong dream of seeing his home country with the little time he has left. This concert was filmed at Joe’s Pub featuring what would have been the ATF cast.  **Available ONLY during the original run dates of July 16-23

ATF’S GREATEST HITS (FULL CABARET PERFORMANCE) – Relive ATF’s 25th Anniversary with a look back at the theatre’s most memorable musicals! Revisit your favorite men in Guys on Ice and Altar Boyz, your favorite sea creatures in Mimi Le Duck and Loch Ness, and all of your favorite explosions in Tick, Tick…BOOM and Bomb-itty of Errors.

JEREMY SCHONFELD (Composer of SPUN, CALLING ALL KATES) – Download Jeremy’s latest album of music.

THE MOON & THE SEA (CONCERT VIDEO & DOWNLOADABLE SONGS) – Featuring a gorgeous score by Creighton Irons and a book penned by BEAU’s Douglas Lyons–this breathtaking story captures the magic of falling in love… and the pain of letting it go.  This recording was filmed during an early concert performance of the show.  Watch the video and  download the full album to become obsessed with the music like we are!

JONATHAN BURNS (PERFORMANCE CLIPS) – Goofy, curious and… oddly flexible… Jonathan Burns has performed his unique blend of comedy and magic for audiences across the globe.  Watch clips of Jonathan’s hysterical performances on shows like Letterman, Leno, James Corden, and AGT.

ISLAND SONG & TOAST (CONCERT VIDEO) – Musical Theater masters, Carner & Gregor, are known for their infectious music.  Enjoy a concert performance of their music, recorded at 54 Below, that includes memorable songs from ATF’s mainstage production of ISLAND SONG and cabaret performance of TOAST.

MATT RODIN (ALBUM & MUSIC VIDEOS) – Matt was scheduled to perform his latest album, MATT RODIN: LIVE AT HOME, for us this summer.  Little did he know how perfectly titled his album would be.  Now you can download and listen to it at home along with some music videos he’s provided us.

BRIAN CHARLES ROONEY (CONCERT VIDEO) – This ATF favorite and star of The Uncivil War has a voice like no other.  Watch him singing his powerhouse solos onstage in this video from a recent performance.

CALLING ALL KATES (CONCERT VIDEO) – When Marc’s fiancé, Kate, dumps him right before the wedding, Marc is left single, heartbroken, and with non-refundable, non-exchangeable tickets. In an act of desperation, he posts an online ad in the hopes of finding a stranger with the same exact name as his ex-fiance.  Watch the 2018 development reading featuring Mike Nappi and Emily Crowley.

BROOK WOOD (MUSIC VIDEOS) – Brook is well-known on the ATF stage for her electrifying vocals in SPUN and NIKOLA TESLA DROPS THE BEAT.  She’s put together some music videos just for us – we can’t wait to listen!

START AGAIN (CABARET PERFORMANCE) – From the creator of Nikola Tesla Drops the Beat comes a moving new story about the love we lose, and the inspiring road back from heartbreak. Journey through the five stages of grief, as this powerful musical reminds us that no matter how shattered our world may seem… there’s always a way to Start Again.

THE BANANA TREE (FULL PERFORMANCE) – From the minds of The Simpsons stars, Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson) and Deb Lacusta (writer), comes a zany comedy about Angela, a convenience store clerk who dreams of being Las Vegas’ first African American female magician.  It was performed as a script-in-hand reading at ATF in 2015.  This is a video of a fully staged production at Bloomington Playwrights Project.

Kalamazoo Show Poster

KALAMAZOO (FULL PERFORMANCE) – This award-winning comedy about two 70-year-old widowers who meet online dating is the best-selling non-musical in ATF’s history.  This is a video of a fully staged production at Bloomington Playwrights Project.

SET BUILDING 101 (INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS) – Learn various technical skills with ATF’s Technical Director, Andy Campbell, including:  Building Platforms, Constructing Stairs, Folding a Drop, Lighting Fundamentals, & Covering a Flat.

VIDEO CLIPS/SONGS FROM YOUR FAVORITE MUSICALS – These are clips from the full ATF performances.  We’re permitted to share just a short bit (about one song) from each show.  It’s the perfect chance to relive your ATF moments from the past 5 years!

  • Nikola Tesla Drops the Beat
  • The Uncivil War
  • Beau
  • The Enlightenment of Percival von Schmootz
  • Calling All Kates
  • Front Page Flo
  • The Boy in the Bathroom
  • Home
  • Loch Ness
  • Spun
  • Island Song

Film Festivals Favorites on Demand (More to Come)

SKIPPERS (Feature Length) – Adirondack Film Festival 2018 Best Feature Film.  In this contemplative offbeat comedy-drama, a mysterious drifter breathes new life into a small town by teaching the Zen of stone skipping. But when he gets too close to the sister of a powerful local, stones might not be the only thing sinking in the river.

LAKE ARTIFACT (Feature Length) – Adirondack Film Festival 2019 Best Feature Film.  Five friends pick up a drifter on their way to a cabin in Upstate New York for a three-day weekend of beer drinking. Upon arrival, they discover a picture of themselves posing at the cabin, of which they’ve never been to. Time and space begin to function without rhyme or reason, slowly turning them against each other one by one.

IF THE SHOE FITS (Short) – Vinnie finds a shoe that’s missing its other half and discovers his love for high heeled pumps.

DEMENTIA (Short) – After realizing their father is dying with dementia, two siblings must recreate an embarrassing moment from their childhood in an attempt to bring Dad back to being Dad one last time.

DEATH AND DISCO FRIES (Short) – After finding out he is dead, Charlie has a chance to make good on a past regret.

COME AT ME BRO (Short) – Two gay men find a creative way to release their pent-up aggression.

LUNAR VACATION – THE BASEMENT (Short) – The Basement is your typical high school outcast love story. Falling hard for someone as we watch them fall for someone else. Literally tearing your heart out both mentally and physically.  The basement was filmed in the Adirondacks and showcases some of Lake George’s finest attractions like The Magic Forrest (RIP).  *AFF 2019 Best Music Video Winner

WHAM (Short) – A comedy microshort about falling in love.

DICK PICS! A DOCUMENTARY (Short) – “Dick Pics!” is a short, stop-motion animated documentary that gathers men from all walks of life and asks them one of the most important questions of the modern era: “What in god’s name compels you to send pictures of your penis to non-consenting others?”  *Adirondack Film Festival 2019 Best Experimental Short – Winner

RESTLESS LEGS (Short) – Dreaming of places far from home, a young desert-dweller finds herself at a surreal mid-century pool party populated by paper dolls. “Restless Legs” is a music video from the album “Prismism” by Keuning, the new band fronted by Dave Keuning (The Killers).

SPLIT TICKET (Short) – In 1947, newly-minted congressmen/future presidents John F. Kennedy, age 29, and Richard Nixon, age 34, travel to Pennsylvania where they must make a fateful decision. A supernatural drama based on true events.  *Adirondack Film Festival 2016 Winner – Best Dramatic Short

AN AIR ABOUT HER (Short) – Two young women share a moment on the subway, but will they end up on the track to true love or will they miss their connection?

DONNY & CLIVE (Short) – Two dimwitted criminals decide to rob a house . . . things don’t go quite as planned.

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