What Is An IN THE BOX Show?

All of our shows are ticketed live performances that entertain you from the comfort of your home. And all shows include an interactive mystery box mailed to your door prior to the event.

It all starts when the box arrives at your doorstep. It’ll sit on your kitchen counter for days, leaving you wondering:

What’s in the Box?

But Seriously, What’s Inside?

We can’t tell you or it’ll ruin the fun. But here’s a taste of what an In The Box experience is like…

Imagine signing up for our Living Room Cruise Lines where we send you A Cruise In A Box. It’ll arrive in the mail (the real, physical mail) prior to your scheduled departure.  In it you’ll find things like a pocket fan, a Hawaiian lei, a tiny umbrella to put in your drink, a passport, an ocean-scented candle and other important items to set the mood.  Your ticket is your boarding pass to an exclusive live Zoom room where our ukulele-playing Cruise Director welcomes you and your shipmates and gets you ready for travel.

As you set sail for your first tropical destination, you might find yourself tasting a local delicacy from your upcoming port.  Along the way, there’s plenty of shipboard entertainment to experience (which we’ve curated) as our Cruise Director introduces you to singers, magicians, comedians, jugglers, and more.  Or perhaps Shipboard Bingo is more your speed, where you can relax and stamp those bingo cards (which we’ve provided) as the artificial wind blows across your face.  It’s an experience you won’t soon forget, especially since there’ll be a towel animal (that we’ll teach you to make) waiting on your bed later that night!

Each of our shows create an interactive and unique live experience just like this one. Try them all!

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