*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our artists’ unions have made new housing rules. As a result, our normal housing plans will not be used for our 2022 season. However, if you have an apartment available for rent, please reach out to ATF’s Managing Director Tracey Sullivan at the number or email below.

ATF houses many of its professional artists for the summer in donated housing, whether it be a spare room or a guest home. Without support from generous donors, we wouldn’t be able to afford to bring in our Broadway-level talent. Housing can be for as little as a few days or as long as four weeks – we’ll match the homeowner’s availability to the right guest artist. Each room must at minimum have a private bath and access to a shared kitchen.

If you have space that you’re willing to donate, please contact ATF’s Managing Director Tracey Sullivan at tra[email protected] or 518-798-7479 with your space availability.

Special Thanks to Our Corporate Sponsors

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